No to the corruption of our children’s minds

It is no coincidence that the first country to be taken over by Jewish banksters, Germany, was also the first one to introduce government welfare and childcare. Why would psychopathic monsters responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of people care to introduce something as nice as childcare, single-parent allowances, health, old-age and unemployment insurance? As if they cared?! Well, the thing is, if you don’t rely on your spouse, your parents, your family and your church as your safety net, then they have less power over you. What’s wrong with that? Ask yourself: Who cares more about you, your family or the government and the psychopaths who control them? Who is more likely to do the right thing to you?! Social welfare and childcare are part of a systematic effort of our ruling crime families to eliminate ALL competing sources of power, the two strongest being churches and family.

That’s why in the 19th century they destroyed the traditional villages and made farmers move their farms to the centre of their fields, thus weakening the power of the village leaders.

That’s why they built a dinosaur museum in virtually every bigger town, as one of countless methods to ridicule the teachings of our churches.

And that’s why they built kindergartens everywhere, enabling women to go to work rather than taking care of their families. Again, someone might ask, what’s wrong with women going to work? Shouldn’t women have the same rights as men? I wish it was that simple. What happens if you double the workforce of a country? Wages get under enormous pressure and suddenly it takes two adults working fulltime to support a family. The banksters obviously love that because it increases their profits. It also allows them to sell more guns to governments because they can send more men into war instead of providing for their families.

The problems with childcare don’t stop with slashing our salaries. What happens to children when they are sent to public kindergartens rather than being taken care of by their mothers, grandmothers and aunts? Some people claim it’s better for them because they learn valuable social skills. I wonder which social skills a child can learn in a facility where 20, 30 children are taken care of by 1-2 women, skills that they cannot learn from playing with their brothers, sisters, cousins and neighbour kids?

What they learn is to rely on strangers instead of their families for their safety and their emotional needs. How sick is that! As a result, they no longer have to and no longer want to listen to their families, making it so much easier for our ruling crime families to manipulate them.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, kindergartens are used to corrupt our children’s minds. A typical example is the popular Oxford Reading Tree programme used by kindergartens all over the world. Under the disguise of teaching how to read, it promotes ethnic suicide of Whites, teaches disrespect for men and elderly, cutifies piracy and witchcraft and promotes magic.

I’m not telling all parents to take their kids out of kindergarten. More often than not, they have no choice but both go to work and a kindergarten is still a better option than exposing children to even worse filth such as Disney Channel. But regardless of the individual circumstances, we must learn to watch out for the early age corruption of our children’s minds and find ways how to protect them.